MEET YOURSELF started out as a Mixed Reality art installation and experience, where you get to stand face to face with a holographic, lifesize avatar of yourself. The concept evolves around self-perception, mental health and our future with technology, alternative realities and avatars.

MEET YOURSELF was launched at Copenhagen Tech Festival in the Meat Packing District's exhibition area in September 2017, and was later invited by Singularity University to present at the Royal Danish Opera House. In January 2018 MEET YOURSELF was shown at Louisiana Museum of Modern Art supported by Unity Technologies and Microsoft.

MEET YOURSELF was created by Martine Jarlgaard who studied at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and who works in the intersection of technology, sustainability, fashion and art.

Described as a technology pioneer by Fast Company and Forbes, Martine Jarlgaard has also been featured in Huffington Post, on BBC television and has give talks at Yale University, Inter-American Development Bank, The Next Web, Singularity University, British Fashion Council’s Fashion Forum, and Human Rights Foundation.

Watch this space for MEET YOURSELF 2.0, in partnership with Stanford University HANDA Center of Human Rights and International Justice.